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14 mars 2024 à 19h30

Maison de la culture Janine-Sutto (Mtl)

27 mars 2024 à 19h30

Maison de la culture Mercier (Mtl)

THRESHOLDS is a reverie.

We would look together at this building across the street. In each window a human who looks like us... and we would guess their life,  during our sleepless night..


“Picture this

everything that happens unbeknownst to us

but that nevertheless contributes to the grinding,

the murmuring of the universe. “ 1


We watch them through the walls. They play out their lives, their doubts and their burning desires. All at the threshold of something


« They’re just people. Probably. Certainly. Yes. Just people… looks like. At least, I think so.» 2


These are lives laid against each other, but the walls and stories mingle while waiting for the coming dawn. It's about people watching other people. It's about time in apnea and hands touching. Thresholds is a tender look at a motley humanity on the threshold of blossoming into life.

“I’m going to explode like an orchid…

I’m dripping…

he knows…

he can feel it…

When I see his golden torso lighting up the whole street…

I am rotten with tenderness.” 3


The sun rises


"it's a blue day" 1



1 (Text by Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon)

2 (Text by Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu)

3 (Text by Julie Vincent)


Groupe et vieille DSC00906 crop-w.jpg

The show

A scenic and interdisciplinary work that brings together dance, theatre and skateboard, Threshold expands artistic boundaries. José Babin composes a living, murmuring, and moving fresco created in collaboration with the performers


Inspired by stories written by Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu, Julie Vincent, and Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon, Thresholds explores the turning points, the transitions, the imbalances, both intimate and collective. A suspended moment where bodies and experiences collide.


The research phase of the show was carried out in co-production with Danse K par K. 

Watch the making of to follow the creation :

The Team

Direction and scriptwriting: José Babin
From the texts, characters and images of Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu, Julie Vincent, and Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon.

Translated by Alexis Diamond
Choreography: Karine Ledoyen and José Babin in collaboration with the performers
Repeater: Emmanuelle Bourassa Beaudoin

Dramaturgy Advisors: Josianne Dulong-Savignac and Sophie Devirieux
Puppet Design and Conception: Sophie Deslauriers

Puppet making assistant: Céline Chevrier
Puppet prototypes: Alain Lavallée et José Babin

Set: Carol-Anne Bourgon Sicard

Costumes: Manon Guiraud
Music: Guido Del Fabbro

Lighting and staging assistance: Alain Lavallée
Performers: Patrick Lamothe, Élinor Fueter, Julie Desrosiers, Guillaume Lajeunesse
Narrator's voice: José Babin

Stage manager: Charly Mullot

Technical direction: Alain Lavallée

Video achievements: Patrick Péris

Administration: Cassandre Lescarbeau

Teen voices: Special participation of groups 28 (grade 8) and group 50 (grade 11)

from St-Gabriel school in Ste-Thérèse, under the supervision of their teacher Bryan Morneau.


Théâtre Incliné

Visual theater company, THÉÂTRE INCLINÉ explores new inspiring places while creating an original artistic form in which bodies, matter, sound and images each composes a detail of a picture in constant movement. Each new project is rooted in a specific territory that inspires the inquiring minds and creators of the company, José Babin and Alain Lavallée. L’Incliné often works in collaboration with artists from other cultures, through coproductions with France, Italy, Japan, Norway and the Gaspe Cost.

In collaboration with Danse K par K

Founded in Quebec City in 2005, under the artistic direction of choreographer Karine Ledoyen, Danse K par K is a company dedicated to the research, creation and production of contemporary dance shows. Sensitive to the development of its environment and interested in off-road broadcasts, the company also refines concepts that it shares with its guest artists.


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