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“There are people. Probably. Without a doubt. Yes. People… Looks like it. Anyway, I think so. We watch them through the walls. They act out their lives, their doubts, and their burning desires. All of them, at the edge of something.” (Text by Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu)


“It could be an ordinary bloc apartment, with lives stacked against each other, but the walls and the stories are disappearing. Some will melt into others, waiting for the coming dawn. It’s about people observing other people. It’s about a moment, frozen in time, and hands touching.”

“Threshold offers a tender look at a complex humanity at the edge of their lives.


The sun is rising
It’s a blue day.” 
(Text by Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon)


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Show in Creation

A scenic and interdisciplinary work that brings together dance, theatre and skateboard, Threshold expands artistic boundaries. José Babin composes a living, murmuring, and moving fresco created in collaboration with the performers


Inspired by stories written by Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu, Julie Vincent, and Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon, Thresholds explores the turning points, the transitions, the imbalances, both intimate and collective. A suspended moment where bodies and experiences collide.


The research phase of the show was carried out in co-production with Danse K par K. 

Watch the making of to follow the creation :

The Team

Direction and scriptwriting: José Babin
Based on texts by Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu, Julie Vincent, and Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon.
Choreography: Karine Ledoyen and José Babin in collaboration with the performers
Repeater: Emmanuelle Bourassa Beaudoin

Dramaturgy Advisor: Josianne Dulong-Savignac and Sophie Devirieux
Puppet Design and Conception: Sophie Deslauriers

Puppet making assistant: Céline Chevrier
Puppet prototypes: Alain Lavallée et José Babin

Set: Carol-Anne Bourgon Sicard

Costumes: Manon Guiraud
Music: Guido Del Fabbro

Lighting and staging assistance: Alain Lavallée
Performers: Patrick Lamothe, Élinor Fueter, Julie Desrosiers, Guillaume Lajeunesse

Stage manager: Charly Mullot

Technical direction: Alain Lavallée

Video achievements: Patrick Péris

Administration: Cassandre Lescarbeau


Le Théâtre Incliné

Compagnie de théâtre visuel, le THÉÂTRE INCLINÉ affectionne les espaces morcelés, où la matière inanimée, les corps, la vidéo et la musique incarnent un « détail » de la toile complète. Chaque nouveau projet prend son impulsion dans les différents territoires qui inspirent les têtes chercheuses de la compagnie, José Babin et Alain Lavallée. L’Incliné crée au contact d’artistes de différentes cultures à travers des coproductions avec la France, l’Italie, le Japon, la Norvège et la Gaspésie.

En collaboration avec Danse K par K

Fondée dans la ville de Québec en 2005, sous la direction artistique de la chorégraphe Karine Ledoyen, Danse K par K est une compagnie vouée à la recherche, la création et la production de spectacles en danse contemporaine. Sensible au développement son milieu et intéressée aux diffusions hors sentiers, la compagnie peaufine également des concepts qu’elle partage avec ses artistes invité


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