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Maison de la culture Mercier
le 27 mars 2024 à 18h30

Maison des arts de Laval
le 6 avril 2024 à 18h30

Bird's Wings

“I dance dance with teenagers and grandmothers, together. Bird's Wings!” (Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon)

A satellite activity in orbit around the visual installation Les Bulles, Bird's Wings is an intergenerational outreach program. Imagine a precious moment where the community’s seniors and youth, guided by a choreographer, form a dancing fresco, an echo to Les Bulles and a sensitive response to this inanimate work.

Flexible and tailored to the characteristics of the venues and their communities, Bird's Wings offers presenters hosting Les Bulles the opportunity to achieve this magical moment and enhance the experience by enabling their audience to truly experience the work. We brush against each other, we hold hands, at the threshold of our lives’ important steps. Bird's Wings shares a rare moment where bodies respond to the inanimate, where paths meet, a suspended time where the audience’s heartbeat merges with art. 

Presenters know the strengths of their communities. That is why the company strives to work closely with them to offer a unique and truly local experience to the public. Communities, space layout, local resources are the driving force behind the development of each Bird's Wings project.


What does it look like?

Bird's Wings Project at Théâtre Hector-Charland in L'Assomption, April 2023:

Mediation approach

Sensory awakening.
Resonance of the artistic work "
LES BULLES" among the participants.
In-situ creation within the installation.
Communion between generations.
Meeting with people who have knowledge about dance and non-dancers.

Target audience 

Young adults (between 15 and 30 years old) and seniors (up to 85 years old).

Several regions have dance schools. It will allow the group to include young professional
dancers or trainees paired with non-dancers. On the other hand, some projects can also
involve retired dancers and young non-dancers.
Each project is shaped according to your reality.

Recommended number: 10 to 20 participants, each duo formed by 2 generations.

Artistic concept

Together with the participants, our choreographer creates a contemporary choreographic
structure based on:

  • Themes of the installation: stages of life, transmission, intimacy, and take off.

  • Participants' sensitive perception of their experience of the installation.

  • The intergenerational relationship that emerges from the group.


3 workshops - A "dress rehearsal" - A public presentation
Choreography format:
Structured with improvised sections.
Strong connection with the installation space, for example:


  • Part of the choreography within the installation.

  • Choreography departing or arriving towards the installation.

  • Choreography starting from outside, on the other side of a window overlooking the installation.


Suggested choreography duration: 20 minutes

Choreographer : Patrick Lamothe

This project can be adapted to the realities of different territories where it is proposed.
A discussion between the presenter and the artistic direction of Théâtre Incliné is used to
establish its foundations.


Théâtre Incliné

Théâtre Incliné is a visual theater company. Its artistic creations, driven by poetic images,
explore a fragmented space where matter, body, light, sound, and music are the foundations
of a vast canvas. Each new project draws its impetus from the different territories that inspire
the creative minds of the company, José Babin and Alain Lavallée. Théâtre Incliné collaborates with artists from different cultures through co-productions with France, Italy, Japan, Norway, and the Gaspé Peninsula.

Choreographer: Patrick Lamothe

Patrick Lamothe graduated from LADMMI in 1995. He danced with O Vertigo under Ginette
Laurin from 2000 to 2007. As an independent dancer, he has worked with director Robert
Lepage, Jean-Pierre Perreault, Lucie Boissinot, and many others. He is a member of the
Psykotik Happening Cabaret by Peter James and has collaborated on four creations with the
Mobile Home Performance company (Duras Show). His choreographic work has been
presented at Tangente, at FIND, by Échine Dô, at the Spring Dance Festival, at the National
Circus School, and on Bravo! television channel. Since 2009, Patrick has been dancing in
duos with Louise Lecavalier in Nigel Charnock's "CHILDREN" and Édouard Lock's "A FEW
MINUTES OF LOCK." He has had the opportunity to work on five projects by Martin Messier,
including "14 Lieux," as well as with the Human Playground company.


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