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Théâtre Incliné

Théâtre Incliné is a visual theatre company. Its artistic creations, driven by poetic images, explore a fragmented space where matter, body, light, sound, and music are the constituents of a vast canvas. Each new project draws its impetus from the different territories that inspire the company's creative minds, José Babin and Alain Lavallée. L'Incliné works with artists from different cultures through co-productions with France, Italy, Japan, Norway and the Gaspé Peninsula.

Birds’ Wings 

“I dance dance with teenagers and grandmothers, together. Birds’ wings!” (Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon)

A satellite activity in orbit around the visual installation Les Bulles, Birds’ Wings is an intergenerational outreach program. Imagine a precious moment where the community’s seniors and youth, guided by a choreographer, form a dancing fresco, an echo to Les Bulles and a sensitive response to this inanimate work.

Flexible and tailored to the characteristics of the venues and their communities, Birds’ Wings offers presenters hosting Les Bulles the opportunity to achieve this magical moment and enhance the experience by enabling their audience to truly experience the work. We brush against each other, we hold hands, at the threshold of our lives’ important steps. Birds’ Wings shares a rare moment where bodies respond to the inanimate, where paths meet, a suspended time where the audience’s heartbeat merges with art. 

Presenters know the strengths of their communities. That is why the company strives to work closely with them to offer a unique and truly local experience to the public. Communities, space layout, local resources are the driving force behind the development of each Birds’ Wings project.




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