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(the movie)

SEUILS (the movie)

It's a daydream.

Imagine it's night

We can't sleep

We look at the buildings on the other side of the street

We see people through the windows

We decide to imagine their life waiting for the sun to rise.

…But at night everything is a little stranger

and we end up no longer knowing what is real or imagined.

Directed by Patrick Péris

Staged by José Babin

Based on texts and characters by Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu, Julie Vincent and Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon

In this film adaptation of Théâtre Incliné's show SEUILS, the camera revolves around the characters as they cross the stage threshold and invade the city.

It's a reverie. We fly over the city above the buildings. At every window, a human being who looks just like us... we watch them, guess at their lives, who is that young woman on the edge of the void? What's that bird knocking on the window? Anything goes on this sleepless night. 


... Why think in straight lines when circles are so pretty?

"I wanted to do things differently. To summon the spectator in different ways, with different approaches. With the SEUILS cycle, we're interested in the intimate. We've created several works in different forms, and we've put whispered confidences into them, stories embedded in the forms, in the sounds or in something even more fragile. Places where our breath rubs against yours; in your ear, in your eyes and in your dancing body. 
I wanted to open up again. And I said to myself that the medium of film could be that threshold between the performing arts and cinema, that we could take the characters off stage and let them wander in the real world. 
Director Patrick Péris is an editing genius, a hyper-sensitive artist and a magnificent human being. So I invited him to make this film with me!"

José Babin
Artistic Director - Théâtre Incliné



Much more than a show recording, "SEUILS (the movie)" is a film adaptation of the interdisciplinary show SEUILS, directed by José Babin. It's the director Patrick Péris's eye that adds his point of view to the characters and the scenic space, bringing the characters face to face with reality. 
We were delighted to work with a whole team of exceptional artists and craftsmen. Shot both on stage (at Espace Libre) and in the cities of Montreal and Laval, the shooting
 of this movie was a space of freedom!



Patrick Péris director, cameraman, editor and colorist

José Babin director and scriptwriter
Based on texts and characters by Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu, Julie Vincent and
Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon
Starring : Julie Desrosiers, Élinor Fueter, Guillaume Lajeunesse and Patrick Lamothe

Narrator's voice : José Babin
Marc Simpson-Threlford director of photography

Matthew Cluff cameraman and drone operator

Guido Del Fabbro music and soundtrack

Alain Lavallée lighting, technical direction

Charly Mullot stage manager

Lucile Prosper coordination

Cassandre Lescarbeau administration
Choreography : Karine Ledoyen and José Babin in collaboration with the performers.

Rehearsal director : Emmanuelle Bourassa Beaudoin

Puppets : Sophie Deslauriers

Puppet-making assistant : Céline Chevrier Research

Puppet prototypes : Alain Lavallée and José Babin

Costumes : Manon Guiraud

Set and props : Carol-Anne Bourgon Sicard


José Babin is artistic director of Théâtre Incliné, where she has developed her theater of matter. Director, author, actor and puppeteer, she focuses on a scenic style of fragmented spaces where inanimate matter, bodies, text, light and music embody a detail of the complete canvas. An avid traveler, she draws inspiration from multiple territories and cultures to create works in situ, in the company of artists from diverse horizons: Italy, France, Japan, Acadia, Norway, Finland, Gaspésie and Nunavik.  

A versatile director, sensitive and creative, intuitive and thoughtful, he stands out for his attention to detail and his sense of adaptation, all in the service of the finest expression and emotion. His filmography is diverse and eclectic: fiction, documentary, animation, music videos, short films and artist portraits. More recently, he has directed the visual image for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, as well as several orchestral projects such as Harmonium Symphonique, Bébé Symphonique and Riopelle Symphonique.


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