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Maison de la culture Mercier
24 au 27 mars 2024

Maison des arts de Laval
2 au 6 avril 2024


Three lives. Three bubbles. Three stories. Three distinct, yet intertwined, tales of three people at the threshold of their lives: the angry mother, the restless teenager, and the frail old woman, with her head in the clouds. A benevolent look at a variegated humanity and an ode to life.

In Bubbles, José Babin, Stage Author, composes a visual work inspired by a text written by Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon, where textures, screenings, and sounds bring the characters to life.

We hear voices blending together. The dancers’ bodies are projected on the reassembled body of the sculptures-characters. The spectator collects clues and becomes part of the story.

This multimedia installation, composed of matter, sound and projections, opens the door to a dialogue, an intergenerational exchange where each step of life is murmured. Between these three generations of women there is a common sigh, a collective breath.

The Angry Mother

But why don't I

have the right

to have a life of my own


This first bubble resonates with the angry words of a woman who screams to let her bubble of anger finally burst. It is the rage of a woman who wants to be seen and heard, upset, and upsetting, angry for lack of love.


The Teenager

I am told that my anger is worthless

I push myself out


I long to be cold

how many teenagers are we tonight on the roofs of the world, alone together

dancing the night away for no reason?


This second bubble reveals the carefree, misunderstood, invincible teenager... both too little and too big to contain the emotions that bubble up inside.

The Crone

I wish she would come to me

I would ask her

to put sand in my pockets

I'm afraid of lifting off too soon.

I want to remain on Earth 

just a little bit longer.

In this third bubble echo the ramblings of an old woman who sees everything but is no longer seen. Her head is in the clouds, suspended in the air, like a bubble flying in the wind.

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Théâtre Incliné

Théâtre Incliné is a visual theatre company. Its artistic creations, driven by poetic images, explore a fragmented space where matter, body, light, sound, and music are the constituents of a vast canvas. Each new project draws its impetus from the different territories that inspire the company's creative minds, José Babin and Alain Lavallée. L'Incliné works with artists from different cultures through co-productions with France, Italy, Japan, Norway and the Gaspé Peninsula.

In collaboration with Collectif Isochrone.


Collectif Isochrone is a space for research, creation and exchange around the issues and possibilities offered by interdisciplinarity and technology. The Collectif envisions digital media as a dramaturgical catalyst to challenge perceptions and overturn performance conventions.

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The Team

Direction and Stage Writing: José Babin
Text: Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon 
Set Design: David Poisson
Puppet Design of the Crone: Marie-Pierre Simard
Sound Design: Guido Del Fabbro
Video Creation: Emmanuel Grangé (Collectif Isochrone)
Video Embedding: William Couture

Choreography: Karine Ledoyen
Dancers: Élinor Fueter and Patrick Lamothe
Actors (voice): Élizabeth Chouvalidzé, Lily-Jade deChamplain et José Babin

Manufacturing Team: David Poisson, Lisandre Coulombe, Manon Guiraud,
                             Alain Lavallée, Atelier Gaufab
Production: Alain Lavallée
Video Advisor: Julien Blais

Administration: Marie-Luce Gervais, Julie Coquerel (Collectif Isochrone)

Thanks to Julie Carmel and Sandra Berrouard who served as models for the casts.


Discover Bubbles, an immersive art installation for all audiences! Take your audience on a sensory journey through sound, image, and texture!

Bubbles is a preamble to the show Thresholds, presenting a multifaceted visual and vivid work: a multi-layered and nuanced story of life through different disciplines and different points of view.

This new work by Théâtre Incliné offers a fresh approach to experience your venue and bring your theaters and events to life with a flexible, immersive, and creative artistic experience. Allowing the spectators to immerse themselves as closely as possible to the installations, they become characters themselves and are transported to the heart of the story.



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