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I wanted to do things differently, to summon the spectators in different ways. With the THRESHOLDS cycle, we are interested in intimacy. We have created several works, in different forms. We put whispered confidences in it, stories embedded in the shapes, in the sounds or in something even more fragile. Places where our breath meets yours; in your ear, in your eyes and in your dancing body.

I wanted to open more. And I said to myself that the filmic medium could be this threshold between the living arts and the cinema, that we could take the characters out of the stage to let them wander in reality.

Director Patrick Péris is an editing genius, a hyper-sensitive artist and a magnificent human being. So he was the one I invited to make this film with me! Filming in early June on the stage of Espace Libre and in the streets of Montreal and Laval, we discovered an extraordinary space of freedom! Thank you to the whole creative team!


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